Central Conservatory of Music

Chorus of the Central Conservatory of Music – Beijing, China

Founded in 1950, the Central Conservatory of Music can trace its history through its forerunners, the National School of Music, the Chung Hwa Academy of Music, the Music Departments of the Northeast Lu Hsun Institute of Literature and Art and the National Peiping School of Arts, and the School of Literature and Arts in North China University. Moved from Tianjin to Beijing in 1958, it was ranked among the national leading universities in 1960 and is currently listed as one of the national key universities and 211 Project Universities.

As a leading institution of higher learning among all schools of arts in China, the Central Conservatory of Music is a university for training specialists in music. The three core disciplines include Composition and Compositional Theory, Performance, and Musicology. Departments include music education, conducting, voice and opera, piano, orchestral instruments, traditional Chinese instruments, music science and technology, academic study, and continuing education, plus the College of Modern Music Education for Distance Learning, Division of Social Education of Music, Orchestra Academy, and affiliated primary and middle schools. Attached institutions include the Institute of Musicology Research, Journal of the Central Conservatory of Music, and the Central Conservatory of Music Press. The Central Conservatory of Music has evolved a complete system of pedagogy embracing courses from elementary levels to master’s and doctoral degrees as well as post-doctoral work.

Serving both as a centre of music education for training professional musicians and a centre of research-composition- performance for developing music education in China, the Central Conservatory of Music has grown into a music institution of high prestige. The Central Conservatory of Music is a holy place for many musical talents in the country. For past years, thousands of students have graduated from the Conservatory and played important roles in the development of music in China. Students have won 481 prizes in major international music competitions and 1801 prizes in national music competitions.

The CCOM has intensified its international exchanges with other countries and established regular intercollegiate exchanges or collaborations with many international major institutions of music in the world. Many international students from different countries have studied at the Central Conservatory of Music.


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