Korean National University of the Arts – Seoul, Korea

The source of strength and success for the Korean National University of the Arts (K-Arts) comes from the pride of its faculty and students. Since its establishment by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1992, K-Arts continually strives to create an academic environment in which the artistically gifted are challenged and inspired to do their best possible work. Here, bonds of trust and unreserved participation among peers bring forth efforts of excellence in the quality of education.

K-Arts has twenty-six departments in six schools: Schools of Music, Drama, Film TV & Multimedia, Dance, Visual Arts, and Korean Traditional Arts. Each department aims to foster and provide a creative space for young professional artists. The renowned faculty members of K-Arts are distinguished scholars and artists who provide mentorship and guidance to each student’s artistic journey and self discovery.

K-Arts remains the only institute with six different artistic disciplines in Korea. The academic curriculum is largely composed of two tracks: the first consists of indepth studies of the six schools’ departments, and the second consists of interdisciplinary studies between the schools. Through this “inter/multidisciplinary currency,” the university’s Interschool Division will facilitate disciplines and programs that will lead to new art forms and media yet unimaginable even to the students themselves.

K-Arts instills awareness of students’ roles in the global network and encourages development of communication skills specific to cultural diversity and inter-culturalism. K-Arts’ AMA (Art-Major Asian Scholarship) project continues to yield remarkable progress in cultural-exchanges within Asia. In addition, our sister universities and institutions reach 44 schools in 20 countries and we promote mutual development through academic and artistic exchanges with them.


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