The Music University’s Ludwig van Beethoven Institute of Music Pedagogy for piano and other keyboard instruments is the only one of its kind in Austria. This highlights the fact that educating music teachers requires setting special goals: rather than mere instrumental instruction with pedagogic courses on the side, the focus is on the teaching itself.

Building on the students’ years of previous educational experience, instrumental lessons provide a situation where habits can be critically analyzed and where new possibilities can be explored and subsequently become the foundation for future learning.

The professors of the Ludwig van Beethoven Institute supervise keyboard students for the following degree courses:

  • IGP Bakk, a preparation for a Bachelor’s degree in piano pedagogy with qualification for teaching piano in music schools;
  • IGP Mag, preparation for a Master’s degree in piano pedagogy with a qualification to teach piano in music schools, conservatories and universities;
  • ME/IME, prepares students for a degree in music education for secondary schools with a major in piano;
  • MBP, piano instruction for students of rhythmic-musical education
  • Minors in piano and harpsichord
  • Seminars for practical teaching and didactics
  • An experienced group of professors meets these multifaceted requirements with diverse focal points and new, individually-tailored concepts.

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